Commercial Keynotes

With a unique insight into ‘both sides of the commercial table’ Christopher can help sellers understand buyers, and buyers understand sellers. Many audiences value the chance to have real insights into how buyers think, how to pitch themselves and the practical pitfalls. As with all the keynotes there are amusing and informative stories taken from real experience that make it come alive for all delegates.

Negotiation and Influencing in the Real World

How many times did you negotiate yesterday? You do not have to be in sales or buying – everyone negotiates all the time. You need people to do things, you need to stop people asking you to do things, you need to trade information, activities and priorities. Influencing and negotiation in the real world is of course about making the business deal, and even more than that it is about negotiating effectively every day in what you do.

This keynote gives delegates the chance to understand the core principles that apply to all negotiations, internal – external – even personal.

  • Understanding the strength of my position
  • Preparing my best case
  • Engaging with others on their terms
  • Mastering the ‘tricks of the trade’

Great negotiators have this clever way of ‘Letting you have their way’, this keynote will give your people the insight into the art of doing this.

Brutal Buyers and Schmoozing Salesmen

For every sale that is made, there is a corresponding purchase. The core of all commercial transactions is that someone sells and someone buys. We are all buyers and sellers at some time. Yet despite this most sellers see buyers as blockers – as tough and only focused on price. Most buyers see sellers as smooth talkers, easy with the truth and always full of tricks.

In this keynote you will learn the skills and tricks of Buyers, and the skills and tricks of sellers – how do they work and how you can overcome them

  • How do I get the buyer off ‘price, price, price’?
  • Getting past buyers who block you
  • Understanding sales tricks and techniques
  • How to manage truth and lies

If you want to master your opponent you first need to understand them. This keynote will give you the view from ‘both sides of the table’, and armed with that, the world will be an easier place to do business.