Communication Keynotes

Communication across boundaries and teams is one of the single biggest challenges that all organisations face. Christopher has several keynotes in this important area that can explore what makes for successful communication. This can be on a 1:1 basis where you can learn how to have more impact, how to be an effective networker or how to communicate your team goals to the wider organisation. Cultural integration and how to manage groups in different locations are also popular topic.

Internal Communication – The engagement battle

Every big company in the world will list ‘lack of communication’ as one of its top three problems to solve. Changing structures, priorities and strategies make it a constant battle to engage within your organisation to maximise your effectiveness. It seams harder to sell internally than externally.

This keynote will give your workgroups and departments the skills they need to promote themselves internally.

  • How do we get other groups to listen to us?
  • Setting out a power plan to influence
  • Getting them to involve you in their process
  • Increasing your groups kudos in the company

If you could improve your company’s internal communication by 20% the leverage on your competitive advantage and customer satisfaction will be 200%. This session will give your team the tools to sell themselves, engage with others, and increase their effect on the bottom line.

Networking for Success

It is not what you know but who you know that makes the difference in business today. If you can build a powerful network, then you will survive and thrive in the matrix organisations of the business environment.

This keynote is both highly practical as well as being amusing and informative, building a clear set of skills that delegates can instantly appreciate.

  • How to work the room on arrival
  • Getting into meaningful conversations
  • Making ( and breaking !) relationships
  • Following up to build your network

This keynote is instantly useful for all delegates. They are already in the situation where they want to use these skills, and this session will leave them feeling they have had something of genuine value that will have immediate impact for them.

Building Better Teams

Teamwork is one of the top skills that organisations need from their people. Whether it be a sales or purchasing team, a project team, or a functional team, they will work at their best if the communicate well. You may have already tried building bridges with oil drums and pipe cleaners, or run ‘Doughnuts on Friday’ schemes, and yet you are still missing something.

This keynote addresses the core issue – it is ‘how’ you communicate not ‘what’ you communicate that makes the real difference.

    • Teams and workgroups – what is the difference
    • Managing remote and dispersed teams
    • How teams can use feedback to build trust
    • Understanding differences and leveraging them

There is no magic-bullet for creating great teams. These core skills, applied on a day to day basis, will transform your team performance, and this keynote is the first step on the way.