Leadership Keynotes

Are great leaders born or can you learn to be a great leader? How can you lead effectively in Matrix organisations? These are but two of a range of leadership Keynote topics that have engaged audiences in many different countries. In addition the whole area of leadership and motivation is one that Christopher explores, looking at how to motivate people even in the dullest of jobs.

Great Leaders Born or Made?

This is a critical question ā€“ everyone wants to have more great leaders in their organisation. Can they train and develop their people to become leaders? Or can they only hope to select the right people who have it somewhere in their DNA?

In this insightful and challenging talk delegates will gain real clarity on these issues:

  • Being an inspiring leader who deliver results
  • Driving enthusiasm into the workplace
  • Becoming a talent farmer for your people
  • Living your values through leadership

The answers they get will be as surprising as they are inspiring ā€“ there is hope for all of us to lead our organisations the way we want them to go.

Managing in Matrix Organisations

There is no longer organisational structure, simply organisational flow and transition. Hierarchy is dead, brought down by the subtlety and complexity of networks and matrices. How do managers cope in this new world? How can they manage remotely, across business silos, across cultural boundaries?

This keynote will give the people in your organisation the skills and techniques they need.

  • Powerful communication across cultural and business boundaries
  • Energising cohesion in your remote teams
  • Mastering influencing skills instead of positional power
  • Effective management without line-authority

There is not going to be a return to stability, only an increase the speed of change. This keynote will give your organisation a head start on the competencies they need to manage the future.